1. Be authentic. If you're passionate about donuts then make a show about donuts! mmmm donuts
  2. You don't need a studio, your phone will be enough to try out your idea.
  3. Mix it up. No 45 minute monologues.
  4. Mix different voices and different ambient sounds. I'm sitting in a park and the birds are chirping. Capture the distinct sound of where you record.
  5. Edit. You could use various paid for audio editing software or a simple free app. Google options but record more than you end up using. Editing is where the magic happens.
  6. Think about your desired audience. Your show can be daily and 3 minutes long with people consuming it on Twitter or Facebook. Or it can be 25 minutes long and aimed at the caffeine deprived commuter.
  7. Time. Podquest is about uncovering new innovative voices and audiences that aren't already listening to podcasts. So think 5 to 25 minutes not 60 to 90.
  8. Think season. Committing to a daily or weekly show is a big commitment. Don't be afraid of thinking about a season of 6 episodes, gathering feedback and growing from there.
  9. Have fun!