Podquest 2017 Winners

Phoebe Parsons
"6 months ago, I was a twenty-something train wreck with six different super funds, two maxed out credit cards, a handful of remorseful tattoos and the owner of a car with no hubcaps or glovebox. Today, I'm still all of those things, but thanks to Podquest, I now also have my very own Podcast. In the same way I wing my eye liner (and everything else in my life), I totally winged my entry and Ripley's Believe it or not, ended up winning the competition, with an episode that was recorded over red wine on my lounge room floor. A hop, skip, a jump and several breakdowns later, I'm now in the midst of a third season, where I'm continuing to turn my mess into my message and offer up advice on what not to do, to anyone who'll listen”

– Phoebe, the first winner of Podquest.

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"The best random decision I made last year was entering Podquest. The biggest surprise was winning it with a podcast created for a uni assignment. Since then my world has opened up. I’ve become quicker and more skilled at creating episodes and now am getting requests to create podcasts for other organisations. Podquest are willing to take a chance on new ideas and new talent."

-Wendy, the second winner of Podquest.

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What’s Podquest about?

If you’ve got an idea, a story or you’re a brilliant story teller – then Podquest is for you.

Record your podcast & enter!
The winning podcaster will receive 5k cash plus studio and production time, and help from industry experts to bring your podcast series to life. You’ll be the envy of the podcasting world!.

What do I do?

Send us your podcast recording and share your story.

Our panel of experts will be looking for:

  • Originality - Originality- has anyone else done a similar podcast?
  • Narrative - what are you like at telling a story?
  • Hosting – are you any good at this podcasting thang?
  • Commercial Viability - let’s face it, in the long run, it would be nice to quit your job and become a full time podcaster
  • Audience - who could the possible audience be?

Your entry should demonstrate how the story will live as a series and not be a sample of your best work. Ideally it would run for up to 20 mins.

read our top podcasting tips

Watch the video below of Adam Martin from acast, our podcast guru, for his podcasting advice!

Enter Now

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4 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg png .
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30 MB limit.
Allowed types: mp3.
Terms and Conditions
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Who’s Judging?

Our panel of judges will come from an industry panel of experts. They will come from content, sales, marketing and there’ll even be a podcasting pro.

This is your moment!

At the end of the contest period (See T&C) our experts will judge the top 10 podquest entries that have been submitted for that period. Those finalists will be notified by email and placed on the podquest site. Finalists will have the opportunity to share their podcast submission with friends and family on their social feeds to drum up support, although there will be no listener voting on the final 10 podquest submissions..

The top 10 will be available to listen to whilst our judging panel convenes to pick a winner. There will be only one winner per contest period.

This winner will be notified and will be promoted via various channels.


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